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April 11th, 2011

watersport porn Deanna and Kathy both had their heads side by side because there was
no headroom in this LTD. Kathy hugged Deanna and they began Kissing. That
was the ultimate turn-on for me.
Kathy reached down and began rubbing her own clit while Deanna held
Kathys head in a sort of “up-right” position.
I sucked on Deanna’s clit firmly and steadily while nesting my nose
in her soaking wet gash.
“I’m gonna cum” Deanna’s murmured. She began to lift her ass off of my
face. I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her back. “I have to move off of
you or you will get more than you bargained for” she said firmly.
I pulled her ass down on even harder while continually and firmly
sucking on her stiffened clit. Then all of sudden, she began shaking and all
her muscles tightened up. She shuddered violently. Her back arched and she
let out a moan that shook the windows. I felt her pussy flinch and her ass
cheeks clenched my face into her bunghole. I grabbed the backside of her ass
cheeks and pulled her down on my nose. I carefully stuck one finger into her
tight asshole and rotated it. Then it happened.

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I felt a flow of warm
juices running down my face. She bucked, and let out another moan. Then it
happened again. This time it was a longer stream of juices. It went on for
a couple of seconds. This completely soaked my face, nose and ran down my
hair and into my ears. She was cumming in buckets! It ran in my ears down my
neck and dripped onto the vinyl car seats. Deanna let out one last moan as
she clamped my soaked head between her thighs.
After what seemed like hours, she released my head and rolled over on
her side. Kathy looked at my face and saw all the juices and asked if Deanna
pee’d on me. Deanna explained “I warned you & you wouldn’t let me get up. I
sometimes cum like that”
Well, Kathy doesn’t like to be outdone, so in her infinite wisdom, she
decided to show Deanna up.

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Kathy leaned up and my stiff cock slipped out of her twat. She leaned
over me and held her tits just off the top of my mouth while straddling my
cock. Kathy’s stomach tightened. Then it came. Kathy let out a stream of
piss all over my stomach, cock and balls. This wasn’t just a spirt, but a
real fire dowser. I couldn’t believe how great the feeling of the warmth of
her piss on my cock and stomach felt. While she was letting her stream go, I
grabbed my cock and pointed it straight up and gave it a couple quick
strokes. I shot one of the biggest wad’s I ever had. It shot between Kathys
legs, hit her stomach, her ass, her back and even the headliner of the car. I
just kept cumming and cumming.

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August 1st, 2010

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Kim felt as though she was being fucked by a horse.
Inside she felt something stretching, and as he continued pushing
forward into her she came so hard she began pissing all over him.

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Carol gasped, fighting
to breathe, not sure whether she was doing it or not.  Her entire
body felt as though it was breaking out in a case of hives… her
skin itched… burned… her heart was pounding so hard in her chest
she wondered if it might burst… her eyes rolled in her head
uncontrollably, and at the height of her orgasm she felt as though
she were pissing, not sure whether she was or not.

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July 28th, 2010

Annie Cruz is a good friend of Isis Love and when they bump into each other in the hall they do what good friends do: piss all over the place. Isis has her friend Maestro come up and join as Annie gets drenched in warm piss.

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“Not tonight,” Lana replied.  “But if you’re good I’ll piss on you.”  The
thought of Lana pissing on him excited Jerome.  He began thrusting his
giant prick into Lana’s slippery pussy.  Soon Lana was bouncing violently
on his cock, her gleaming black tits slapping Jerome’s face.  She was
surprised at the strength of the diminutive black teen as he fucked his
cock into her.  Lana rode Jerome and milked his twitching cock with her
skilled cunt muscles as she felt her orgasm building.  As she approached
climax, she pinched Jerome’s nipples and began twisting and pulling on his
tender black nubs.  Jerome cried out in pain and pleasure, and emptied his
nuts in Lana’s gripping pussy.  As she felt Jerome’s thick cum fill her
pussy, Lana climaxed, her pussy gushing on Jerome’s shooting prick.  She
slowed the pace of her bouncing cunt and soon slid off Jerome.  Lana sucked
the black teen’s cock for a few minutes tasting her own pussy juices and
Jerome’s jizz on his thick dick before she looked at Travis and Sherri.
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July 27th, 2010

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January 22nd, 2010

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I woke up this morning, with a piss-hard-on.  This is NOT
unusual for me, as I find it harder to hold my bladder all night
long as I get older, and still ignore the call of nature in the
I turned over, and cuddled up to my wife, Marsha.  At 32
years old, she is no longer the teenager’s wet-dream she was when
I first married her, but she still has a body to put most models
to shame.  Even more exciting, the smooth sexy feel of her skin,
and the heady aroma of her silky long brown hair were always
enough to give me ideas, even when I don’t already have a hard-
“Are you at that ‘thing’ again?” giggled Marsha, squirming
back at me, trying to trap my swollen prick between her legs,
where it would do both of us more good.  Marsha may not be the
incredibly oversexed barely-pubescent little girl who had trapped
a 16-year-old into marriage, with her insatiable appetite for sex
that had swamped even me; but she still liked to fuck almost as
much as I do.  Even two children, and almost nineteen years of
constant sex in marriage had only dampened her sex-drive down to
minor nymphomania.  Of course, the thing that STILL amazed me
constantly, was that this incredible creature’s sex-drive all
centered on ME.  I still can’t believe I’m so lucky, and I
constantly strive to let her know it.
Two minutes later, we were fucking like bunnies.  After two
times the previous night, you might think we would slow down, but
why should we?  Even approaching menopause hasn’t slowed my wife
down, and I don’t expect to slow down myself, until I’m at least
ninety years old.  Probably not even then.
There’s one trouble with a piss-hard on though.  It actually
interferes with the real thing.  I couldn’t get off.  Marsha was
just finishing her third orgasm, when I finally had to pull out
in disgust.  The pressure from my bladder was tickling my
prostate, and interfering with my concentration.  Yes,
concentration.  After getting off twice the night before, and not
being particularly sexually-neglected anyway, it took some effort
on my part to work up to an orgasm.  Usually, I could do this by
imagining I was fucking some cute young teenager, or even pre-
teen, like my wife had been when we first met.  Marsha doesn’t
mind, sometimes even working such fantasies along with me.  Only
as I said, this time it didn’t work.
My prick softened and slipped out of my wife with a soft
“slurp.”  Damn, I was annoyed!
Telling my wife to, “Hold that pose,” I dashed into the
bathroom; trying to get there before the bladder-pressure made me
wet the floor.  I heard Marsha giggle, as she “held that pose.”
Damn, again!  For what must have been the fortieth time, I
resolved to finish the rough-in place for a second bathroom in
the basement.  The bathroom was already occupied by my 16-year-
old daughter taking a shit, and I barged right in on her, as the
bathroom door had come loose several years ago, and I had never
bothered to replace it.

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January 21st, 2010

Marsha was grinning when she saw the proud erection I had
brought her.  This time I deliberately did NOT close the door, so
we could both listen in to the sexy squeals and yelps coming from
across the hall, while I slid in and out of my wife’s hot little
hole; and she squeezed me with a snatch that was still amazingly
tight, for a woman of her age.  We both were incredibly hot; just
imagining what our two oversexed offspring were probably doing in
that tub together.

It’s amazing what two horny teenagers can do in the way of
sex-play, without actually fucking cock-in-cunt; or the boy
getting the girl pregnant.  I imagined that our two kids were
probably going to explore every one of those possibilities.  I
blew a thick sticky wad of sperm in my sexy wife’s belly, just
thinking about it; while she climaxed around me in a matching
“Whoo,” Marsha finally panted in my ear, “if our little girl
is going to get you all THAT excited, then I see I’m going to
have to have Marie warm you up a little more often, from now on!”

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January 20th, 2010

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